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Samantha Moseley - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, intuitive healerIntroducing Samantha Moseley

Samantha Moseley has a former life in teaching and working for Qantas as a Flight Attendant gave her the opportunity to study and dedicate her time to explore her interest in what makes people successful and live with passion. It is her belief that we need to deal with the core issues that really holds us back before we can reach our true potential and live the life we dream.

Samantha began her journey in education and teaching. A qualified Language and Art Teacher used her language skills to secure a job with Qantas. Travelling the world for many years, she interacted with many people from different cultural backgrounds and became fascinated with their stories. She became increasingly interested with people who achieved great success despite their odds overcoming enormous obstacles.

It was only when she dedicated more time to her painting while flying exhibiting and selling her work, she realised she was connected to something far greater. Combining her interest in people and her passion with the creative process she started studying Transpersonal Art Therapy. This inadvertently opened a magical door to a whole new world of therapy and working with the unconscious mind.

Samantha then furthered her studies with Holistic Kinesiology interested in the mental and emotional connection to our physical health and wellbeing. Based on Chinese Medicine she found the wisdom and logic in addressing the whole person and not just the symptoms. .

Samantha is now a dedicated therapist combining her therapy background with Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has found hypnosis to be an invaluable tool in accessing the incredible power of the mind to affect change, help unlock potential and connect with resources sometimes forgotten or unacknowledged. It has proven to be an integral part in her therapy today.

She now spends her time dedicated to her business in Sydney and on the Central Coast while bringing up her son.  She continues to enjoy her creative endeavours in painting and illustration and running workshops that bring a sense of support and community to the local areas.

Qualifications for Samantha Moseley

Samantha Moseley has a Diploma in Education in Art Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Fine Arts and Education and Languages. She also holds a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and Health Science-Kinesiology and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

If you’re ready to take your life and health to the next stage, let Samantha help you.  Just put your details into the form below and she’ll call you or you can contact her on her phone number (at the top of the page).

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