Why is Hypnotherapy so effective?

Why is hypnotherapy so effective?


Did you know?

Research shows 600 sessions of Psycho-analysis brings 38% recovery.

Research shows 22 sessions of CBT brings 72% recovery.

Research shows 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy brings 93% recovery.

Clinical trials and research show hypnotherapy is remarkably effective for a variety of issues. It dates back centuries and it has had more trials and research done than any other therapy.

In Hypnotherapy we work with your subconscious and by pass your conscious. Your subconscious believes absolutely everything, and it controls your emotions, habits, cravings, and responses to the world. It is where your thoughts, memories and experiences live. It handles around two million bits of sensory information every second, whereas the conscious mind handles  with about seven.

Therefore when the hypnotherapist uses metaphors and suggestive positive affirmations profound changes take place even for the most analytical person. There is a myth that in hypnotherapy you are being controlled, far from it. The client is always in control. Your conscious mind is analytical, logical and critical. Your subconscious mind is far more accepting and non judgemental. The subconscious mind understands metaphors, associations and patterns which we hypnotherapists are trained to use. We reframe old habits that are unhelpful and old patterns which are destructive so you can just lie back and enjoy the experience of feeling relaxed and sleepy and chilled out.

Whilst you are in your relaxed trance your state of consciousness is altered. Your left hand side of the brain is turned off and your non analytical right hand side of the brain is more alert.

If you have a good rapport with a hypnotherapist and feel he/she gets you and the issue you have come to them about, and you are motivated to make changes hypnotherapy is mind blowing effective. You will be amazed at the results it will bring.


The Secret to living a Happy Life

happy life

Have you ever wondered why most of us seem busier , stressed or anxious and  somehow more unhappy than ever? Don’t you think it ironic that this maybe the case when we really have more options choices and personal freedom than ever? We have all become so clever, educated and technology savvy yet feel something is still missing.

My four year old knows how to load a DVD player plays games on my I-Phone and is so intuitive navigating his way around a computer it amazes me. However I am wondering what is all this going to do for him in life defining circumstances where decisions need to be made on what to do with his life , who to marry, deciding if he wants children, where he wants to live etc. How do we make this decisions? How do we create a happy life?

If asked the question “what creates a happy life?” …I wonder how many different answers and variables there would be?  Perhaps infinite as everyones definition, wants and needs are different. However in working with clients I have found one common factor and starting point in creating a happy life and it is called the Heart. When confronted with difficult decisions or life changing moments we tend to call on the wisdom of the heart. Why is the heart important? Why is it important to live from the heart?

How to have a happy life

The Heart is connected to how you really feel and not what you necessarily think. Heart felt decisions are ones where the “pull” to do something that outways what you think. It is your compass that  navigates your way through life,your mind only puts the steps in place.If you follow your heart it will make you happy and bring you joy. Your heart is linked to your passion. If you follow your heart it can be challenging but it can lead you in directions you never initially thought. If you listen to your heart you will feel more connected and your life will have more meaning and purpose. To ignore the heart is to ignore a whole aspect of yourself linked to your instincts and intuition.To live without instincts and intuition is to live in fear.

Try this exercise. If you have what seems an impossible decision to make where all the options are ticking different boxes ,  sit down and see how you actually feel about them and not what you think. See what answer you get.

If you are feeling stuck in life, living in a rut, lack lustre, dull and disconnected, depressed, anxious and lost, fearing and not knowing what to do..start connecting to your heart space and listening to what it is trying to tell you. To start the process of heart connection and working on your hearts desires come and see me at Transcend Hypnotherapy and begin the journey to your heart and your heart of hearts and start living your happy life.


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