Does hypnosis work at a deep level?  Yes!!How does hypnosis work?

Most people may be aware of the type of entertainment hypnosis where someone is made to cluck like a chicken or something else as ridiculous so you maybe alarmed and concerned if that’s how you think all hypnosis works.  Let me assure you that’s not how this type of hypnosis works.  It’s a very gentle process of relaxing the mind and entering into a state of trance where you are totally aware of what is being said to you at all times.  It’s at this deep level of relaxation that we are able to connect with the unconscious mind and work with it to overcome your blocks to your goal.  Your unconscious mind is the key to how you operate on a day to day basis.  So how does hypnosis work on the unconscious and conscious mind and what is the difference?

Conscious and unconscious are really just terms to describe the general functions of the human mind. The “conscious mind” is the where we tend to consciously think, for example,  right now you’ll be listening to the little voice reading these words out loud in your head, that’s the conscious mind.  The unconscious mind is everything else! The unconscious controls all of the autonomic processes that you don’t have to think about like regulating the heart rate, the blood pressure, tissue growth, cell regeneration, the immune system, digesting food and so on.  It’s where our thoughts, memories and accumulated experience reside. It controls our emotions, our habits and our responses to the world.  So it’s very important that we work with it to get you the results you want.  Hypnosis works by reshaping how your unconscious mind thinks because it’s the seat of most of our problems and most of our solutions too.

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology is a powerful therapy that is useful for those who simply feel stuck and want change in their lives to serious issues and pathologies affecting someone’s wellbeing. Holistic Kinesiology is based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine in how the body operates not only physically but emotionally and mentally. It sees wellbeing as connected to the four main pillars of physical mental emotion and spiritual aspects that need to be considered when treating any condition .

Kinesiology uses muscle -testing techniques that relies on stress responses to reveal stress patterns to show us how the body is out of balance. By using an indicator muscle much like a mouse on a computer we can ask questions directly and based on the response of the muscle we can pinpoint the core issues and patterning that is contributing to the problem . When this is established we can then ask what balance is needed or what acu-points need to be held to support change and move the energy on.

Nothing is more powerful than establishing how a person really feels and then dissolving the limiting thoughts ,beliefs that are causing stress and affecting someone’s life physically mentally and emotionally.

How does Art Therapy work?

Breakthrough’s in therapy come about by the client gaining insight that create new perspectives to different ways of being. It is a creative based therapy that requires absolutely no “artistic ability” whatsoever. Transpersonal Art Therapy allows the client to explore their unconscious mind through the creative process with the use of sign and symbol.

Sign and symbol whether it be by drawing , painting or sculpting is the language of the unconscious mind. The creative process is so affective because it takes the person out of their rational, thinking mind into another world using the other part of the brain. It is connective, nurturing and deeply therapeutic.

Transpersonal Art therapy is mutli-dimensional and is not used as a diagnostic tool but allows the client to express ,explore and put meaning to that which can sometimes be repressed, unacknowledged or hidden.

It is the language of the soul and allows the wisdom of the unconscious mind to be accessed to find new meaning and connections for integration. Understandings are bought to the conscious mind that ultimately leads the client to make the shifts and changes needed in their lives.

It is a very useful therapy for those who repress a lot of emotion or suffer from being constantly in their “heads”. It is also particulary useful for those suffering from depression or experiencing grief and loss or sudden life changes.

How many sessions will I need?

This all depends on what the issue is and how long you have had it. Basically it is case dependant and every individual will be different. Generally if it is an acute issue or something specific it can be 3 to 6 sessions. If it is a more chronic or complex issue it can be 6 to 9 sessions. If you are working on personal development or life change issue the sessions would need to be planned as a programme over a longer period of time.

How long before I can expect results?

Again everyone is different. As mentioned above if it is a chronic or an acute issue you should be experiencing some change perhaps in the first session but the rule of thumb is there should be a definite shift by the third session.

Does hypnosis work?

Each person is evaluated and offered the best possible solution for their issue.  If hypnotherapy is suggested for you it’s because we believe that hypnosis works the quickest and safest for your particular case and issue.  So yes, hypnosis works!

What can I expect from a session?

Sessions typically consist of a discussion at the beginning much like the type of discussion in counselling session with a few questions being asked to establish what we are working on. We then start the therapy and delve into the issues by tapping into the unconscious either through art therapy, kinesiology or hypnotherapy or a combination of all three.

How much are sessions?

Generally, the first session is an hour and a half which is usually a one off session.

An hour and a half is $190

A standard one hour session is $150.

Or you can elect to pay for package deals and they are as follows:-

  • 3 sessions = $140 each session…total of $420.. saving of $30
  • 6 sessions = $130 each session ….total=$780.. saving of $120
  • 9 sessions = $120 a session..total =$ 1080.. saving of 270

Do we offer rebates?

Yes we do have rebates with a number of private health funds.

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