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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful yet gentle therapy that has a proven success rate in dealing with a multitude of issues. Hypnotherapy is one of the most affective therapies today because it talks to and deals with the subconscious part of the brain to bring about change at a much deeper level. It helps clients find a positive solution to their problems and gain insight that ultimately allows them to feel in control of their lives.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is a solution – orientated therapy that uses strategic therapy to move you beyond the issues and gain new perspectives. We don’t dwell in the context of the problem but go a step further by dealing with the clients’ individual needs and addressing the issues directly in the subconscious. Clients can be quite surprised and amazed in achieving remarkable results in just a few sessions. It is a way of dealing with core issues that other approaches sometimes simply can’t shift.


In addition to Hypnotherapy, Holistic Kinesiology addresses the core issues of what is holding someone back. Establishing the root cause of a condition is reached with far greater speed by going straight to the subconscious mind through the body by muscle testing. The practitioner can establish how the client really feels and why they are in a state of imbalance. It is based on Chinese Medicine and the workings of the physical and energetic systems in the body.

Kinesiology uses the body as a bio -feedback system. Muscle testing is used to determine how the body is stressed and what is causing the imbalance. It determines the limiting thoughts , emotions ,attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back. The body is rebalanced by holding acu-points and other vibrational medicine techniques.

It is based on the theory any imbalance or issue can stem from a combination of reasons. More often than not most of the reasons reside in the unconscious.  This is why often someone can’t gain a full understanding and change. Kinesiology can get to the core of what you think, feel, and believe. If you start to change these you start to change your life. By using muscle testing the complete negative patterning can be revealed and gradually dissolved . This can also be used for physical aliments or illnesses as the physical invariably has an emotional or mental component.

Art therapyTranspersonal Art Therapy

Art Therapy provides an opportunity to reconnect to and explore your unconscious through the creative process. Art Therapy is useful in gaining understanding and insights at an extremely deep level. It is an incredibly nurturing and revealing process that is not dependant how you draw or what you create but the meanings discovered within it. No artistic ability is required whatsoever.

A typical Art Therapy session consists of an initial counselling or hypnotherapy session where the core issues are identified. These issues are then taken to the creative process and explored in an abstract, symbolic way through drawing or painting for example. This allows different meanings, alternate perspectives and new understandings to emerge. Essentially it engages the wisdom and resources of creative unconscious to find answers.

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