Self Development courses and workshops

All self development courses and workshops consist of guided meditation, creative processes such as drawing, painting and sculpting working with symbol and imagery and other intuitive processes. Essentially these self development courses focus on using the other part of the brain linked to the creative unconscious to explore and tap into innate wisdom that allows clients to find their own answers. These workshops are very supportive, nurturing, connective and powerful.

Intuitive Self

Exploring other ways to explore and relate to the world through the creative unconscious and intuition. Recognising that your inner world is a world of resource you can harness and use.  It will facilitate you connecting to your innate wisdom and start to use your intuitive side to gain understanding and find your own answers in making decisions.

Breaking From the Past

Explore how to let go of negative thinking and negative self talk linked to the past. Release attachment to grief shame regret and anger by creating understanding and looking at the experiences in new and different ways. See your past from an empowered position that allows you to move on and embrace the now.

Living with Passion

Reconnect and explore your heart space in a safe and supportive way.  Acknowledge what gives you joy, peace and love. Connect to your life’s purpose and life’s direction. Gain clarity and start to unravel anything that is holding you back. Start living more from the heart and connect to who you really are.

Manifesting Your Dreams

This self development workshop focuses on your resources and capabilities but also your limiting blocks or what is holding you back in life. This workshop will allow you further harness and realise the strengths you already have but also reveal what you need to work on. Old patterns of sabotage and perhaps fear are transformed and integrated so  you will be more fully aligned to manifest the dreams you hold.

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